Paper published in the LREC proceedings

Co-authored paper published in the Proceedings of the LREC2022 10th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages: Multilingual Sign Language Resources. Download the full proceedings here or just our paper here.

Presentation on sign language historical linguistics

David Quinto-Pozos, Danny Law, and I recently gave a presentation on sign language historical linguistics at the German Linguistics Society’s annual meeting. We participated in the working group Model and Evidence in Quantitative Comparative Linguistics. Our abstract and presentation can be viewed at the Sign Change project website.


I successfully defended my dissertation on 31 July 2020. Thank you again to my dissertation committee – in particular, co-supervisors Danny Law and Richard P. Meier, as well as David Quinto-Pozos, Erin Wilkinson, and Patience Epps.

Article forthcoming this week in Royal Society Open Science

Our manual alphabet study will be published online this week in Royal Society Open Science. Here is the DOI:

NSF linguistics program will recommend 3-year project on sign language change

We were notified on New Year’s Eve that the NSF’s Linguistics program will recommend our project studying sign language change. This would be a joint project with David Quinto-Pozos and Danny Law, both of UT Austin. If the funding comes through, the project would begin September 2020.

Blog post: Untangling vertical and horizontal processes in the evolution of handshapes

This brief blog post discusses qualitative methods for identifying horizontal processes in the evolution of sign language handshapes in manual alphabets using phylogenetic network methods. The post can be accessed here:

Preprint: Exploring the dispersal of European sign languages using phylogenetic network methods

Guido W. Grimm, Johann-Mattis List and I submitted a manuscript investigating the dispersal of European sign languages. The preprint can be accessed here: